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Managing Director Message

Managing Director Message

Mohini Health & Hygiene, a dream, an aspiration and a commitment!

Entering into the world of fibres, we are continuously working towards delivering the best of the quality and attaining Customer Satisfaction through the same. It’s our dedication to achieve excellence and commitment to deliver the finest of the product and services to our valued customers!

At Mohini Health & Hygiene we firmly believe in strong value system and understand the needs of customer. Right Product at Right Time at the Right Place is something Mohini Health & Hygiene want to achieve.

Synergy of experienced management and dedicated team which respect and values the importance of time makes it possible for us to become one of the fastest growing companies.

In this 21st Century when the world has turned into a Global village, we aim to expand ourselves in such a manner that we can touch every nook and corner of it.

I aspire to develop Mohini Health & Hygiene as a Hi-technology driven firm and this stems out from the firm belief that in today’s era if you really want to become efficient and effective, you not only need to deliver excellent quality but along with it one ought to have on-time performance, keeping in mind the value of time. As time brings money and money not always brings time. Even most aptly said :


An Inch of time cannot be brought back by an inch of gold!

Another important aspect of business in my view is “Networking”. Be it any business, one need to develop networking which is not just keep touch with people but also touch their souls. Relations are developed and nurtured over a period of time and can’t even be bought or acquired overnight. At Mohini we firmly believe in promotion of ethical practices and we aspire to become a benchmark in the industry to become the same. As by following ethical practices it will not only help us to gain stakeholder’s support but also help us to build robust organisation.

We understand the needs of the people and try to be sensitive towards the environmental issues. Since my childhood and all the years in the environment where textiles are discussed round the clock, textile is something which fascinates me and attracts towards this industry.

At Mohini we are looking for a channelized growth which will work as the critical success factor us.

Prodigy is what we want to create and a new benchmark for the industry onto which everyone can lookup for!

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